5 best promotional gadgets

Building the brand image, i.e. 5 best promotional gadgets
Observing technological progress, especially in the area of new media, development of social networks, etc., it would seem that e-marketing is slowly replacing traditional forms of advertising. This is not entirely the case, because by focusing solely on online promotion, we are losing the potential of flagship products such as advertising gadgets. They still occupy an important place in creating the brand image and allow us to remain in the customers’ consciousness for a long time. Provided that they are selected correctly.

There are few people who do not like receiving gifts and this knowledge should be used in the promotion of their brand. Giving a customer a gadget will help build brand recognition, but this effect can be strengthened by choosing the right souvenirs.

What should be taken into account when choosing advertising gadgets?
Regardless of which promotional gadgets we choose, we should remember that they must be of good quality. What about an imaginative item that will quickly lose its functionality or be printed on it, with its brand name, and what about the customer’s memory of it? Visual appeal is also important – after all, the gadget must be eye-catching. Finally, we have a third feature: usability. An item that is used allows you to keep up the emotions of the customer that accompanied him at the moment of receiving the gift. So let’s make another positive impression by providing him with a product he can use, ideally on a daily basis.

Let us remember that the chosen gadget is an element of building the company’s image, therefore it should be consistent with the whole concept of visual identification.


In addition, the choice of gifts for customers must be linked to them: the age of the customers, their general values and, more or less, the identification of what matters to them. On the basis of this information, we will be able to determine what is attractive for them and take this knowledge into account when choosing advertising gifts.

The most popular gadgets to promote your company

Although the promotional gadgets market offers us new solutions every year, it is worth taking a look at the simplest ones, which often turn out to be the most suitable. We have selected five advertising gifts that our customers like, regardless of the trends.


The most popular and, in fact, the most basic advertising gadget. Printed with the company’s logo on writing instruments will look good, moreover, pens are extremely useful and at the same time very cheap in the production of trifles, hence, they are liked and willingly used by small companies. However, if you’re running a creative business, you may want to consider investing in other, more sophisticated advertising items.


Just like a pen, it is a “grateful” gadget to display the company’s logo on it. But not just that! Relatively large space allows for printing additional information. Advertising lanyards are an ideal gadget for distribution at trade fairs, conferences and training, i.e. those occasions when we have an opportunity to reach a larger audience. They are useful in everyday life – they are fastened to the keys and an identifier is hung on them.


It is an object which, if designed properly, combines usefulness and originality. It belongs to this group of gifts, which can be called expected by customers. If we work out his design well, there is a chance that he will like it and not part with it. However, like other electronic gadgets (e.g. recently fashionable power banks), Pendrive is a gadget that we can choose to use with a higher budget. It fits, among others, start-ups or companies with IT profiles.


One of the most universal and popular advertising gadgets at the same time. It works both in the office and at home. If our customers like it, they will drink coffee or tea from it every day, strengthening the positive impression of “contact” with the brand.

Eco gadgetry

This is an increasingly popular type of advertising accessories, which are to show customers that the company strives to be environmentally friendly and makes sure that its impact on the natural environment is as low as possible. It is basically a group of gadgets because many of them can be mentioned here: pens and other stationery, notebooks made of recycled paper, wooden puzzles, electronic items powered by solar energy, material shopping bags, etc.

Advertising gadgets are still a popular way to promote our company. Together with other promotional activities, they build image and customer relations. When choosing them, let’s take into account several factors: the industry, the target group and the budget we plan to spend on their production.

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