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As the Regional Partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the BCSRM supports the sustainable agenda of the WBCSD. Planned activities of reports that are produced by WBCSD members will be forwarded to BCSRM as the Regional Network partner. One of our immediate activity areas include making our current members and potential members aware of the sustainability agenda for the upcoming years.

One of our top priorities is the so-called ‘Action2020’. This report is derived from ‘Vision2050’ (2009, WBCSD), which is comprised of the economic, environmental and social promises made by all members of the organization. This means making the right corporate decisions in order to ensure a sustainable future for our people and planet. In ‘Action 2020’, we will work together on accomplishing the short-term milestones towards ultimately achieving the long-term goals in ‘Vision2050’.


The framework will consist of three elements:

  1. Societal/Planetary Goals which must be met by 2020 to achieve Vision 2050.
  2. Business Solutions: Sets of specific actions led by business to achieve one or more Societal/Planetary Goal by 2020.
  3. Impact measurement and action monitoring to assess progress at company/sector/country levels. The project will deliver this framework for action over the course of 2013.


The project is supported by 15 co-chair members and 23 core members of the WBCSD.