Car accessories – Interesting suggestions

The difference in the catalogue price of a given car model, depending on its equipment, may even amount to tens of thousands of zlotys. In committees selling second-hand vehicles, these differences are already generally smaller. Very often, however, it is still more profitable to buy a car with worse equipment and supplement it on your own with valuable and useful car accessories.

Not everything, of course, we are able to change (e.g. replace an ordinary automatic transmission), and some actions are simply unprofitable (e.g. change the type of paint on which the car is covered). However, we can do a lot to make using our vehicle more comfortable and enjoyable. We are assisted by numerous, interesting and often inexpensive car accessories.

Automotive accessories for every pocket

GPS navigation

Its main task, of course, is to bring us to our destination. However, car navigation now has many more functions. They inform us about speed limits, expected police checkpoints, and thanks to Internet connection they allow to avoid traffic jams or roadblocks caused by an accident. Maps in navigation also make it easier to use the charms of the area in which you are located, informing us about interesting places, restaurants or other important points for tourists. More and more often navigation is also equipped with route recorders, i.e. car cameras. Not only do they increase our safety, largely relieving us of the need to focus on the right path, they also help us to prove our innocence in the event of a cullet or an accident. The cheapest navigation prices start from PLN 100-150.

Routing recorder

Video recorders are car accessories that are becoming more and more popular every year. They allow you to save your route with the speed information as a video. These recordings may be evidence for the police or the insurer. However, we will not only use it if an accident occurs. The videos from the route recorder can also be helpful if you are unduly punished for an alleged traffic offence by the police. By playing back the recordings from the video recorder we can also analyze our behaviour on the road and improve our driving technique. In addition, the recordings from the route have a memorial value, especially when the road led through picturesque areas. Prices of the cheapest video recorders start from several dozen zlotys.

Portable compressor

Keeping your tyres properly inflated will help us to ensure not only safety but also your wallet. The tyres, inflated in accordance with the car manufacturer’s instructions, will wear evenly and the car will burn optimal amounts of fuel. As we know, however, we are not always on our way to a petrol station with a compressor. Anyway, it often happens that the compressor at the station refuses to work. On the other hand, the cheapest portable compressor, connected to a 12V socket or a rechargeable one, can be purchased for around 100 PLN.

Rear-view camera or parking sensor

This is another investment, which together with the assembly will close in several hundred zlotys, and may significantly improve the comfort of using the car. Rear-view cameras or parking sensors are useful for those who often put their cars in crowded shopping mall parking lots, in city centres, in blocks with fewer and fewer parking spaces, or even for owners of single-family houses. After all, you can accidentally knock a small child or a pet back in the car or, at best, damage the garden design element. The reversing camera can be connected to both the built-in 2 DIN monitor and an additional monitor, e.g. on a rear-view mirror.

Heated seat covers

As the investment in parking heaters is beyond the financial means of most car users, it is worth considering the purchase of heated covers for armchairs that draw their energy from the 12V socket. For the cheapest models we will pay only about 100 zlotys, and in winter we will certainly travel more pleasantly.

Mid-range and premium-range vehicle accessories

Parking heating

The cost of a professional set of parking heaters is several thousand zlotys. However, the comfort provided by this device is worth this money. The system is switched on with the help of a maton while still at home, only preparing for the exit. When we get to the car, we will have a warm interior and windows without a trace of ice or snow.

DVD Player

Prices of car DVD start from a few hundred zlotys, but if we often travel with children on long journeys, it can be an expense that is worth incurring. Especially if we are the only adult in the passenger cabin and the children, if we don’t take them in with us on the DVD, they will distract us. This can be very dangerous!

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