Guide to Fighting Real Estate Deed Fraud

We know how important our real estate is. It is probably one of the most expensive investments that we have and the most important commodity. And everyone who gets to discover that they do not longer own their real estate will probably fall in a shock and panic state.

There have been recent stories in different states about people who were shocked when they discovered that they no longer owned their real estate. If you are one of the victims, you may need a real estate litigation lawyer/attorney to help you in your case. But seriously, how can this happen?

There are many regulations and signing forms that are required when purchasing a real estate. The following are the minimum documents needed:

A title stating the nature of the document (grant deed, warranty deed, quitclaim deed, etc.)

A clause that states the grantor’s intent to give the property to the grantee

The name of the property

The purchaser’s name

The printed name and signature of the grantor

Notarial officer’s acknowledgment

These are required to be delivered to the grantee. And because hand-to-hand delivery is sometimes not possible, there are states that allow constructive delivery.

No matter how many these papers are, still anyone can fall victim to forgery. Forgery is the act of fraudulently making fake documents and altering the real one. It is a criminal offense with a high-degree demeanor. This means that anyone who commits forgery will be punished under the law.

There are already rampant cases of forgery in the United States and everyone is encouraged to be extra cautious. There are many ways you can fall victim to it. The fraud may act as the real property owner, altering the real papers, or when the fraudulent information enters the public records and cause you more problems with you other transactions

If you have been victimized by a fraudulent act, there is still hope. Take control and gain confidence in the situation by knowing your rights, pressing charges, and follow up for an investigation. It is important that you report it as soon as you know about it.

Gather all the important and necessary documents such as mortgages, deeds, insurance, and others and explain the problem. Here you will also be needing an attorney that specializes in real estate to help you give professional advice for your situation. They are able to provide the help you need.

Other situations you might fall in are falling into scams. In addition to identity theft and deed forgery, other crimes that can happen include house stealing and house flipping, as well as tax fraud, elder abuse, property theft, and mortgage fraud.

Deed forgery and all of the crimes we mentioned in this article are sadly becoming rampant in many states. The methods may vary but they all potentially lead to loss of property or rights to the property. Again, if you are a victim of this, it is important to act immediately and ask help from people who can offer you some. The most important tools for this are responsiveness and diligence.


Why Should You Install Fire Alarms?

If you have never gone through and felt what it’s like to recover from a fire, then you are part of the lucky ones. Based on the reports from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), more than 112,000 non-residential fires started in the United States in 2015, injuring 1,425 others, killing 90 civilians, and resulting in $3.1 billion in property damage. That is really a lot. However, you can actually help to somewhat reduce and prevent such risks with fire alarm installation Limerick City. Here’s how they can help:

Fire alarms keep you code-compliant

When you plan to prevent embarrassing PR issues and fees as much as possible, try not to get caught up in problems about code-compliance. Installing fire alarms in your commercial buildings is one of the best ways to do this. 

Fire alarms can possibly provide you insurance discounts

A lot of insurance carriers provide discounted costs on premiums of insurance policies when you have an automatic fire alarm system. Actually, a lot of providers will be needing you to set up a fire alarm before they will guarantee your business. 

Fire alarms reduce your recovery time

If your building has acquired less damage, its downtime will be shorter until you can reopen to cater to your customers. With this, your losses from the fire will be cut, even more, enabling you to get back to business as normal sooner than later. 

Fire alarms can minimize property loss

Though sirens and lights cannot actively put out the fires, they can alert the people who can do that. The process of fire control starts once the staffs, guests, or bystanders contact the fire department or once trained personnel put out a small fire using a fire extinguisher. Once you have monitored fire alarm systems, it will alert emergency responders and the fire trucks will be dispatched to your place right away. The faster such responses take place, the earlier the fire will be put out and extinguished, and the less damage your building will have. 

Fire alarms can save lives

One of the major reasons why you should install fire alarms is the attempt to make your building safe for your tenants, customers, and employees. A mixture of strobe lights, bells, sirens, and smoke and heat detectors can alert the occupants of a building and detect fires, providing them enough time to get out of the building systematically.

Do not forget to have your fire alarms tested and checked

 If you fail to do all the maintenance required for your fire alarms, here are the following things that can possibly happen that you won’t probably like:

Your responsibility for potential loss of life or injury increases if you don’t maintain your fire alarm system.

You can be fined for not complying with fire safety protocols.

A false alarm can possibly interrupt your everyday operations.

Your insurance provider may refuse your claim if you cannot prove yearly fire alarm inspections.

Hence, you need to have your fire alarms installed and well-maintained.