Popular Destinations With Dogs: The 10 best tips for every season

Dog lovers agree: The best time of the year is spent with the four-legged friend. That’s for sure. But where do you want to go? The choice of beautiful destinations for a holiday with a dog is huge and the decision is therefore not easy.

Why wander far away when the most popular holiday destinations for dogs are right on your doorstep, so to speak. Because holidays in Germany are more popular than ever. And for each dog vacation, the suitable destination is fast found. It doesn’t matter if you like to roll on the beach in the sand, hike through the mountains and forests or if you prefer a snowball fight. We present you popular destinations for holidays with a dog all year round.

If you prefer to enjoy your freedom and travel in your motorhome, there are many dog-friendly campsites in all regions.

With the caravan, you can not only be on the road in spring, summer and autumn but also in winter without any problems.

Spring and Summer: Popular destinations with dogs
When the first warm rays of sunshine appear, it goes outdoors for you and your dog, of course. Then it is really fun to go for a walk and discover the blossoming nature. Springtime can be enjoyed in all regions of Germany. North Rhine-Westphalia is particularly suitable for holidays with dogs. Whether hiking in the Teutoburg Forest, in the Münsterland or an excursion to the Ruhr region: here variety is the order of the day.


By the way, it is only a stone’s throw from NRW to Holland.

Bright tulip fields are safe in spring. But also the sea with many dog beaches makes Holland a popular destination for holidays with dogs. Spring is also the perfect season for Lake Constance. At mild temperatures, you can walk with your quadruped on the countless paths around the lake. By the way: No matter which destination and which season you choose: On dog holidays you will only find holiday apartments and holiday houses where quadrupeds are welcome.

Summer holiday with dogs: destinations on the North Sea and Baltic Sea are very popular
When it comes to summer holidays in Germany, you are most likely attracted to the beach. Of course, holiday destinations on the North and Baltic Seas will then be among the top riders.

Popular destinations include:

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Lower Saxony
This place is crawling with dog beaches.

Your quadruped will love holidays at the Baltic Sea especially because there is often no leash obligation.

With Karachi, it goes for him than toward the sea. Popular destinations for holidays with dogs are mainly the islands. Your quadruped feels just as comfortable on Rügen as on Usedom or on the peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst. Designated beaches can also be found in St. Peter Ording, on Sylt or in Cuxhaven. The Wadden Sea is also attractive here. On a hike, your dog can sniff the seabed and go on a discovery tour. Don’t forget these 5 things for a perfect bathing day with your dog by the sea or by the lake!

Autumn and winter: Popular destinations for holidays with dogs
If the colourful leaves fall from the tree and it is gradually getting cooler, autumn is just around the corner. It is also a beautiful season for the vacation with the quadruped. Also here the choice is difficult because beautiful destinations are plentifully present.

Of course, the North and Baltic Seas are also popular destinations with dogs in autumn. No wonder: deserted beaches and lonely dykes invite you to take a walk in the fresh air. You have the beach to yourselves, so to speak, and your quadruped can romp without a leash.

If you want to hike extensively, then the regions Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg are the perfect destinations for a holiday with a dog. Whether on the Moselsteig or on the Jägersteig: In autumn it is particularly enjoyable to roam through meadows and forests with your four-legged friend. But Saxony-Anhalt is also an ideal hiking area for you and your dog. In the highest mountains of northern Germany, you can really get your strength up in autumn.

Winter holidays with dogs: Snow flurries in NRW and Bavaria
Does your dog love roll in the snow? How good that you don’t have to travel to Austria or Switzerland for a winter holiday with four-legged friends. Germany also has beautiful destinations for the winter holidays with dogs in the luggage.

The Sauerland region is very much in demand in North Rhine-Westphalia because snow is at home here in winter. What could be nicer than walking with your dog through a dreamy winter landscape? Sufficiently prepared hiking trails can be found here. And of course, Bavaria is also very popular as a winter holiday destination for dogs.

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