Wireless Devices to Make Life Easier

Bluetooth is a wireless standard for sending data over short distances between multiple electronic devices. Two or more devices connect to form a Personal Area Network that can extend up to several meters. It has improved rapidly over the years and can now provide a strong and reliable connection. Here you will find ten practical and innovative ways to use Bluetooth to make your life easier.

Connect wireless keyboards and mouse

A keyboard and a mouse each require their own dongle, which occupies two of the USB ports of a computer. Bluetooth keyboards and mice can connect to computers without a dongle, freeing up USB ports for additional printers, portable DVD recorders, flash drives, and many other devices. Mini keyboards are also available that connect to smartphones and smart TVs when a touch screen or standard remote simply won’t do.

Transfer files between devices

This works whether it is from PC to PC, PC to phone or even phone to phone. Bluetooth is not the best choice for transferring large files, but it is great for transferring your favorite wallpaper from your computer to your handset. It’s also a useful relapse if you need to exchange files when an Internet connection is unavailable, and it provides a quick way to share a photo you just snatched.

Connect a smartphone to your dashboard

This allows you to talk freely with other people through the car’s speakers instead of using your phone. You can also stream music to your car so you can listen to your personal connection, podcasts, or online radio wherever you are. Newer vehicles can even connect automatically, taking most of the effort out of the process. Cheap adapters are available for older vehicles that don’t have this functionality.

Streaming audio to a sound system

There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers, portable or otherwise, that you can use to stream audio from your smartphone or computer. When you choose one of these products, you compensate for the weaker speakers used in our portable devices. Newer Bluetooth devices produce a higher quality signal with as clear a sound quality as a physical cable.

Game wireless

PC and mobile gamers can purchase Bluetooth controllers that give them the pleasure of a traditional key layout without the hassle of cables. The connection is so reliable that console manufacturers have become accustomed to the standard of disconnecting cables from their controllers. Wii and PlayStation 3 both use Bluetooth to connect to Wiimotes and Dual Shock 3 controllers respectively.

Unlocking doors

If you tend to forget your keys but always have your phone, try using Bluetooth instead to unlock your doors. First Watch Security provides a lock that is disabled when authorized users request access. It can even open your garage door so you don’t have to step in front of your vehicle on a rainy day.

Control your electricity connections

The BeeWi Mobot was presented at this year’s Mobile World Congress and is expected to be presented later this year. Plug it into your power outlet and check that the power from your smartphone is not flowing to the devices. A Master Mobot receives your phone’s commands and forwards them via Bluetooth to all other Mobots in your home. A built-in motion sensor can also write text to you when it picks up someone moving. It resembles Belkin’s WeMo Automation Switch, which uses WiFi to do the same job.

Scan barcodes

Someportable bar code scanners send information wirelessly via Bluetooth to a computer or smartphone. Baracuda supplies a range of products for sellers and curious buyers alike. These serve as an alternative to the USB-connected barcode scanners that roll long cables nearby.

Communicating via VOIP

There are a number of handsets that connect to a computer via Bluetooth and help users turn off their smartphones and reduce the minutes they use. Some also connect to smartphones, providing a convenient device that you can talk about for long periods of time. Options come in the form of portable handsets and small speakers.

Track objects and people

Because Bluetooth works over a short range, it’s perfect for tracking pets, children or valuable electronics that you can temporarily leave in a public place. Stick-N-Find has a sticker or dongle that you can place on your smartphone.

Many people still listen to Bluetooth and think only of headphones that people talk to, but their usefulness goes far beyond hands-free. Bluetooth now connects cars, game controllers and sound systems. This wireless standard may not be as well understood as WLAN, 3G or LTE, but you might want to reassess your usage patterns to see if Bluetooth can cause an itch that you’ve ignored for far too long.

Gameband: The watch for gamers

The smart watch Gameband does without a heart rate monitor and concentrates entirely on gamers. You will find pre-installed games like the Atari classics “Pong”, “Asteroids” and “Breakout” on the Wearable. The software can be controlled via the 1.63 inch AMOLED touch screen with a resolution of 320×320 pixels. Inside the watch is a modern Snapdragon 2100 from Qualcomm. The processor is equipped with 512 megabytes of RAM. The connected software even lets you take PC game scores with you and load them onto friends’ devices.

Stark Drive: E-Bike with folding mechanism

The Stark Drive is an e-bike for city traffic. Its folding mechanism makes it particularly easy to transport in cars, subways and lifts. With an output power of 250 watts, the electric motor can cover 25 kilometres per hour (km/h). The Stark Drive is also available in two versions with a 350 watt motor and a top speed of 32 km/h. The motor can also be used in the elevator. With them, fully electric driving is also possible. The battery of the top model has a volume of 468 watt hours for around 85 kilometres. The entry-level price for the Stark Drive is 399 US dollars (around 378 euros).

MAG-LEV Audio: The Floating Turntable

At first glance, the MAG-LEV Audio does not appear to have any special features. The turntable relies on an inconspicuous design in wood look. But even when not in use, the turntable is slightly higher than on other models: Four brackets ensure a raised position for the turntable. The magic begins as soon as the tonearm lands on the record: The supports retract and the plate floats in the air. This is made possible by a magnetic field between the plate and the base. The connection to the loudspeakers, on the other hand, is done in the classic way by cable.